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Business Strategies for Information Technology Management presents the theoretical and empirical research on the business value of information technology, as well as the use of management of information technology for increasing organizational…

The Project, Program and Business change book in the IT Management series is a practical guide for senior managers who are looking to improve their success in delivering projects and realizing clear business benefits. The book is based on the…

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This book is based on the experiences of a large number of successful IT managers. And the truth is, the most important skills are the people skills you will need to be successful. If you are expecting large models and great analysis, you may be a…

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cover_A guide to ERPbenefits implementation and trends.jpg
One of the most influential IT developments of the past forty years has been Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP. Thousands of organisations have used ERP to change their business models and improve their processes. In this book, the benefits of ERP…

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